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Providing our clients with an excellent product that will help represent them in a positive, creative and thought provoking way. Good Ideas have developed a reputation for excellence and a commitment to creating inspiring brand ideas and images.

Some of the companies we have worked with


Jon Tallon


Good Ideas mission is to provide quality graphic design solutions for business identity, exhibitions, printing and advertising for clients that expect to grow and to succeed.

We treat every project with integrity and as a unique opportunity to help our clients nurture and expand their business or project potential through creative vision and insight. 





Good Ideas have the expertise to define your brand, ensuring that it represents your values and setting you apart from your competitors. Representing your identity effectively means your clients will know who you are and what you stand for.


From designing an attention grabbing visual theme for your exhibition or corporate stand, an exclusive invitation to your launch event or the impactful cutting edge presentation you deliver at a keynote speech. We’ll collaborate with you to create exhibition materials that showcase the very best you have to offer.


We have industry acknowledged experience empowering us to manage the entire creative process from initial concept, through the design phase, to layout and artwork. Good Ideas have a reputation for actively overseeing print production, quality checking and delivery of the final product.


If you want to engage a potential client you’ll need to keep  their attention, on your product or service. This is what we do in award winning, creative and effective ways such as TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, poster and direct marketing campaigns


Your website must function smoothly, provide connectivity, and prove to be a competent selling point. All this while projecting an attractive image and communicating your company’s identity. Now more than ever an effective website will deliver substantial return on investment. Good Ideas can help you get there.



Jon Tallon



Newcourt Avenue,

Bray, Co. Wicklow

A98 E0V3

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